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About us

DutchSoy - Green Organics

Ing. Peter Strijk

Founder & Manager Business Development DutchSoy

DutchSoy was originally founded by Peter Strijk to promote soy in the Netherlands and Europe. Starting this year, Dutchsoy has been taken over by Jan Groen, owner and CEO of Green Organics. With this next step, Dutchsoy is better able to grow, because a driven and enthusiastic team has been added to the organization. This allows us to better serve you from cultivation advice to marketing the soy. You can come to us for both dry soy, used for soy drinks, tofu, meat substitutes and animal feed, but also for fresh soy (Edamame).

Your advisors

DutchSoy - Green Organics - Jan Groen

Jan Groen

0031(0)6-53 20 17 60 jan@greenorganics.nl

Wilco Remijn

0031(0)6-36 29 64 95 wilco@greenorganics.nl

DutchSoy - Green Organics - Peter Strijk

Perry Leemans

0031(0)6-51 6111 43 perry@greenorganics.nl

Ing. Peter Strijk

0031(0)6-11 272 868 info@dutchsoy.nl

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