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With DutchSoy we deal with the NON-GMO soybean cultivation in the Netherlands and Europe.

The following items are our main pillars:

1. Trial fields and research

2. Seed sales

3. Advice on cultivation

4. Market strategies of the soybean

5. Collaborations

6. Training


DutchSoy represents the organization Europe Soya in the Netherlands and Belgium. DutchSoy also launched several pioneering projects in cooperation with various partners.

Easy soy seed ordering at DutchSoy.

Construction of trials and research

DutchSoy maintains the high level of knowledge by conducting furol research an trials. Variety research, but also experiments with cultivation techniques and researching different markets.

These tests take place both in-house, but also through partnerships with schools, farmers, businesses, government and non-profit organizations.

Curious about the studies and projects this year? Please take a look at projects in 2017.

Soy marketing

Because Dutchsoy has built a large network in recent years in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, we can be of good service to you to market your soy.

We bring procuring and selling parties together to achive a a satisfactory result for both parties.




Dutchsoy gives you free advice on the cultivation of soy because we believe there should be no treshold to gain advice.

Dutchsoy gives you free advice on the cultivation of soy. We believe that there should be no threshold to gain advice.

Both the producer and Dutchsoy benefit from a successful crop. We therefore give advice on our website and we want to maintain good information between people and companys itrested in soy.


For advice on the cultivation of soy see Cultivation, and we like to remind you about our blog about soy wich hold a Dutch and English version.

Seed sales

DutchSoy has a number of varieties in sales which have proven themselves over the last years under Dutch conditions. These data are supplemented from our own investigations varieties trials and trials elsewhere in Europe.

Here we study the early varieties of soybeans, the 000 varieties.


We pay attention to the following criteria:

  • yield
  • ripening
  • alloy
  • protein Levels
  • disease susceptibility


To see which varieties are elected this year for the Dutch market go to buy seeds.


The seeds are standard coated with Rhizobium. There are also pockets of 400 gr Rhizobium to obtain  (enough for 1 ha soya).

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